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Hello dear authors, are you passionate about writing and want to share your best write-ups with the reader community? If yes, then congrats, you have come to the right place. 

Room2bloommc.com is a web portal where we publish articles on various categories and also cover trending news globally.

Now, we are opening our portal for guest writers who want to share their knowledge and expertise with our readers through their quality write-ups.

We provide an open platform for all writers, irrespective of their experience and the content category in which they write.

To write for us, you must follow certain guidelines (given after some paras) and write content according to them.

About our website and content-type:

Room2bloommc.com is known for its content quality and consistency. We regularly provide content on various topics that fall into numerous categories, making us a general niche blog where you can find something for every kind of reader.

It is always our goal to motivate readers through our content. Our team appreciates content that provides useful knowledge and simplifies people’s lives.

Content shall be informative, that either make people aware of something or helps in their life and work.

Our content categories:

Usually, there are two types of blogs, general and niche-specific; they both have their benefits and limitations. In niche-specific blogs, your target audience becomes limited, whereas, in general-specific blogs, you get a wider audience.

It has been seen that google prompts niche-specific blogs instead of general ones. Hence they both have their benefits and limitations.

In addition, post-pandemic, we have observed an increase in content demand for almost all blog categories, making the audience even wider for general blogs.

Now you know the pros and cons of general and niche-specific blogs.

So, we are operating as a general blogging platform, and we cover numerous content categories. 

Here is the list of our primary categories:

• Finance

• Business

• News

• Current Affairs

• Fashion

• Technology

• Sports

• Gaming

• Entertainment

• Reviews

• Politics

In these content categories, we publish articles frequently. If your niche is not mentioned here, feel free to mail us, and our team will get back to you. 

Content writing guidelines:

Write SEO-friendly content:

Nowadays, SEO has become an integral part of content writing. You must write SEO-friendly content to get a good readership and ranking on search results.

There are numerous guidelines published by each search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.; as a content writer, and you are supposed to be aware of all significant guidelines that affect content writing.

Other guidelines have no business with you, and our team will take care of them. If there is any specific guideline you are unclear about, like how to follow it, or if it is related to content writing or not, you can seek our team steams help.

Check Grammar before sending for publishing:

Writing grammatically correct content is mandatory to get a good readership. Grammar mistakes dilute people’s trust in your content. It works as a major trust factor.

It has also been seen that search engines promote grammatically correct content, and fewer language errors get appreciation from search engines.

Nowadays, it has become easier to find and correct language errors with the help of artificial intelligence; you can use both paid and free tools.

You can use free tools if you have good knowledge of the language in which you are writing. Otherwise, you can opt for paid services.

They will help you rectify language errors in your article by giving meaningful suggestions.

Write unique and original content:

Everyone likes originality; we all want to read something new and fresh, and no one wants to consume the same content repeatedly.

In our portal, we publish unique and quality content only that shall be 100% plagiarism-free. It shall not be copied from anywhere else; you can take inspiration, read and gather data from other articles, and present them in your language and style.

Before sending content, check thoroughly with effective plagiarism checker tools to avoid rejection and search engine penalties.

If you find that your content is plagiarized, rewrite it uniquely and check again. If all sounds well, then send it to us.

Don’t use spinner tools for a content generation:

Many writers often use spinner tools to generate plagiarism-free content due to lacking creative skills. We condemn these kinds of content generation techniques and don’t allow write-ups containing spin content to get published on our website.

It will take more time if you have become habitual of using spin content in your write-ups, but to publish your post on our website, you must provide spin-free content.

Add relevant feature image:

Images make your post interesting and increase its chance of ranking on search engines. It makes it easier to understand complex topics. Pasting the right image in the right place in the article creates a big impact.

You would require to add a minimum of one copyright-free image as a featured image. 

Word limits and external linking:

As per our website’s policy, we generally don’t approve content below 1000 words and allow writers to write up to 3000 in a single guest post. 

These are general limits that don’t apply to specific subject posts. Suppose you are writing on any specific research-based topic that requires higher or lower word limits. In that case, you can mention it while approaching.

For external linking, we allow the addition of up to two external links redirecting to the writer’s blog or their social media accounts in one guest post.

However, our do-follow links will also be included in each post.

How to send guest posts for publishing?

Sending guest posts for publishing is a one-step process. You would require to send us an email attaching your content in word format. Before sending mail, ensure that the proper email subject has been mentioned in it; it is helpful in precise identification.

In case you are writing in Google docs, you can also send us its link through the mail instead of attaching a word file.

Email id: info@room2bloommc.com